On Campus Overview

The Wildcat Way

To be a student at Springwood School is an honor and a responsibility. I make the following commitment to uphold and protect the legacy of my family, myself, and my school by up-holding the standards of the Wildcat Way:

Win in the classroom. Academics are my first priority. I will maintain excellence and honesty in all academic work.

Integrity. I am personally accountable for everything I say and do. I will abstain from bullying, put-downs, and any form of disrespect toward others.

Leadership. I will be a leader in and out of the classroom. I will seek to achieve my personal best while helping my friends and classmates do the same.

Determination. My personal commitment to excellence and effort is unrelenting. Quitting when the going gets tough is not an option for me.

Courage. I will have the courage to do the right thing regardless of peer pressure.
My courage will not allow me to stand idly by while others do the wrong thing.

Attitude. I will maintain a positive attitude while giving 110% to get the most out of my God-given talent. I will be there to help classmates when they need me.

Team first. I will make my personal connection to my faith, friends, and family priority in my life. I will present a positive image of Springwood School at all times. My school spirit will be obvious.

As I begin each day I realize that I represent God, my family, my school, and myself. I know that each day I represent the integrity our school was founded upon. I pledge that after I graduate I will be remembered for the character and leadership I showed.