College Planning

  • Achieve the best grades
  • Take the most rigorous courses
  • Begin creating your High School resume
  • Start exploring options for college
  • Take standardized testing seriousley
  • Get involved in community service

    Credits and Grades are important - Do your best
  • Participate in extracurricular activities
  • Take advantage of leadership opportunities
  • Take the most rigorous courses
  • Determine your interests-not just at school
  • Continue to build your resume
  • Do your best on the PSAT

    Credits and Grades are important - Do your best
  • Visit a variety of colleges
  • Take both ACT and SAT
  • Research information on scholarships
  • Volunteer in the field of interest
  • Stay serious and think ahead
  • Know and meet requirements for collegiate athletics

    Credits and Grades are important - Do your best
  • Request Letters of Recommendation
  • Narrow list of colleges and majors
  • Complete all college applications and FAFSA
  • Apply for Scholarships and Grants
  • Make sure test scores are sent to colleges
  • Do not get "senioritis"

    Credits and Grades are important - Do your best

College Tours - Includes a college search program and campus tours of select colleges. - Here you can search for a school and access it’s virtual tour, website, photos, and maps. - Provides career, college, and financial aid information, as well as virtual college tours. - A revolutionary college planning website featuring 360° x 360° virtual college tours of over a thousand college campuses - With over 2,000 exclusive college and career related videos, we are the experts here to help you find out what colleges and careers are really like!

Alabama Programs - The College Counts Savings Plan has information about Alabama’s Section 529 college savings plan. - This is a free resource for finding colleges and scholarships. - Provides an overview of the State of Alabama Financial Aid programs and how to apply.

Georgia Programs - This site helps families plan, apply, and pay for college in Georgia. - Georgia Private Colleges - The Georgia Foundation for Independent Colleges (GFIC) is an association of Georgia's 28 private (independent) colleges and universities. This web site offers financial information and general college information for these 28 colleges. - The Georgia Student Financial Commission has been helping Georgia’s students increase access to higher education by providing information about the HOPE scholarship, grants, loans, etc. - The Georgia Higher Education Savings Plan has information about Georgia’s Section 529 college savings plan. - The University System of Georgia’s application and electronic advising website. - The Governor’s Intern Program is for college and law students, providing professional experience before they enter the working world. - This site offers residents a list of potential scholarship opportunities

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