Springwood has developed a specific and unique plan for instructional technology. The primary goal is to use technology to enhance the educational experience for all students attending Springwood. This vision includes providing the latest in classroom technology such as interactive Promethean Boards in all K4 through eighth grade classrooms, one computer lab in each building on campus, and wireless tablet computers for each teacher. Teachers have a wealth of new instructional material obtained by downloading digital videos and accessing informative internet sites. In addition, educational software in math and reading are available to teachers and students in each computer lab.

In ninth through twelfth grade, Springwood has set the bar in technology integration. In August, 2008 every high school student at Springwood received a brand new Lenovo Tablet computer and began learning to utilize this powerful tool on a daily basis, both at school and home, as part of their academic program of studies at the school.

Many high school textbooks are available as online subscriptions or in electronic format, helping eliminate the need for students to carry heavy backpacks. All high school students and teachers have 24/7 access to an entire world of educational content and are able to exchange assignments research projects, and e-mails about their classes.

Teachers can utilize specially designed software to direct classroom instruction and are able to restrict student access to undesirable sites while still directing them to sites that are relevant for a particulars day's coursework. Teachers can communicate with a single student or the whole class. Course materials and assignments are shared electronically, and, all the while, students will be gleaning essential skills for college and beyond.