Charitable Gift Planning

As you plan your lifetime giving, we encourage you to make annual gifts to Springwood. In addition to annual gifts please consider leaving a legacy to Springwood in your will. There could be no better legacy than knowing you helped a child receive a quality education.


1. The Chattahoochee Valley Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) operating foundation. A gift to the Foundation would allow the donor a deduction subject to the limits of the law. We strongly encourage you to seek outside tax advice from your tax advisor. Neither Springwood nor the Chattahoochee Valley Educational Foundation provides tax advice.

2. Gifting Appreciated Property: One advantage of making a gift of property which has appreciated is receiving a tax deduction of the fair market value of the property. When the Foundation sells the property it pays no tax on the sale and would therefore get the full amount of proceeds for their use. The donor would not, subject to certain limitations, have to include the gain in their tax return. If the same property were sold by the taxpayer, he or she would pay tax on the gain (sales price less cost bases = gain). Please contact the school office prior to any gift of appreciated property, and consult with you tax advisor.

3. Gifting through your Estate: Normally a deduction is allowed for gifts made to a 501(c)(3) operating foundation, and gifts are not subject to gift or estate taxes. Again, please consult your tax advisor prior to making such a gift.