About Us

Mission Statement:
As a college preparatory school, Springwood School is dedicated to providing quality education in a nurturing environment, focusing on mind, body, and spirit.


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Springwood School began in 1970 under the direction of the Chattahoochee Valley Educational Foundation. The school began operation with one classroom building and an enrollment of 161 students in grades 1-9. In each of the next three years another grade was added. In 1971, the school added a gymnasium/classroom building. Growth continued with a high school building in 1973 and the first graduating class of 22 students. Springwood added a kindergarten program and building in 1974, and a stadium in 1981. In 1985 a child development program was added. The addition of the Fine Arts Center during the same year provided more opportunities for students in the areas of drama, art, music, and computer. A Primary School building was built in 1993, with a capacity of 120 children. In 1998 the Child Development Center opened with a capacity of 180 students. Since then, the Springwood family has worked tirelessly to add and update necessary facilities and resources from new baseball/softball fields in 2001 to new buses in 2009.

Springwood School is located on the west side of Lanett, Alabama, in Chambers County. It is an independent, co-educational, college-preparatory day school serving grades K4 through 12. The current enrollment in grades K4 through 12 is over 280. The Springwood campus consists of the following buildings: Fine Arts Center, High School, Media Center, Elementary School, Primary-Kindergarten Building, Graphics Art Building, Gymnasium, Football Stadium and Baseball/Softball Fields. Springwood offers a beautiful, secluded campus that contributes to a safe environment for children and peace of mind for parents.

Springwood School stresses the mental, social, physical, and spiritual development of all students. The highest ideals of character and integrity help to develop students who will become responsible citizens and contribute to the betterment of society. Springwood emphasizes academic priorities through the college preparatory curriculum while promoting a self-disciplined, self-reliant approach to studies. Daily devotional and the Pledge of Allegiance are part of each school day. Special programs emphasizing religion and positive character development take place throughout the year. A Character Education program is an integral and important aspect of the Springwood experience.

Classes are designed to provide students the necessary skills and enthusiasm for learning. In addition students receive specialized instruction in art, music, physical education, Spanish, and computer. Positive character traits and individual responsibility are emphasized on a daily basis and are an integral part of the program.

Junior High
Grades seven and eight are designed to provide a smooth transition between elementary and high school. The program is designed to meet the needs of emerging adolescents. Students are prepared for the challenges of the college-preparatory high school curriculum and have the opportunity to participate in junior varsity athletics and other activities, such as junior scholar bowl, student government, drama, chorus, and band.

High School

Grades nine through twelve allow students to face greater challenges academically, and the activities program offers a wider variety of choices, including annual staff, service clubs and academic team competitions. Grades nine through twelve participate in a weeklong Interim Program each year. Juniors work in a community service capacity, and seniors are “apprenticed" to professionals and businesses in a career field of their choice. Students keep a daily log and present reports.

Academic Testing
Standardized testing is used every year in each grade level as one of the tools of assessment for student progress. Through these tests, students at Springwood demonstrate proficiency which places the scores above state and national norms. Recently, several changes have been made to national and statewide standardized testing and Springwood continues to demonstrate high performance.

In Grades 7-12, Springwood testing includes ACT Aspire and the PSAT while all students must take the ACT or SAT during their junior or senior year.

The heart of Springwood's success as a highly regarded educational institution is its faculty. Dedicated, caring, and committed, these professionals take great pride in the success of their students and the overall perception of the school. Sixty percent of the faculty have earned advanced degrees, with the remainder having Bachelor Degrees.

Athletics & Activities
As an integral part of the school's overall program, activities are supervised by well-qualified sponsors and coaches and are designed to assist student growth outside the classroom. The athletic offerings at Springwood School include the following: football, basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, golf, cross country, track & field and cheerleading.