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2009-2010 Tuition and Fee Schedule

Grade Level
Tuition for First nd Second Child
Tuition for Third and All Subsequent Children*
($350 per month)
($263 per month)
($488 per month)
($366 per month)
Grades 1-6
($510 per month)
($383.00 per month)
Grades 7-9
($542.00 per month)
($406.00 per month)
Grades 10-12
($566 per month)
($424 per month)

* Families who had three or more children enrolled prior to Fall 2005 will be subject to the sibling discount policy in effect
   at the time of their enrollment.

Grade Level
Book Rental
Student Insurance
Driver's Ed
K4 and K5
(Full Day)
Grades 1 – 6

Included In
Activity Fee

Grades 7-9
Included In
Activity Fee
Grades 10-12
Included In
Activity Fee
Grade 10 only
Grade 12 only

** The annual registration fee is due at the time of enrollment and is not considered part of yearly tuition.

Tuition Policy

Springwood School’s expenses are varied, and the operational budget, including faculty salaries, plant maintenance, and supplies must be stable. In order to maintain these services over the entire school year, it is absolutely essential that the annual income from tuition be assured. For this reason, we ask that students be enrolled for the entire school year, or that portion of the school year remaining after a mid-year admission to the school. Each family’s contractual obligation is for the duration of the school year. Therefore, no refund of registration or monthly tuition will be allowed for absence, withdrawal, or dismissal from school. In the event of a permanent change of family residence or a bona-fide health emergency, families may request release from their contract by meeting with the Headmaster. Decisions to release families from a full year contractual obligation will be contingent on the nature of the reason for withdrawal and the school’s ability to fill the vacated spots.

Tuition Payment

Registration and tuition are payable as follows: Registration is due at the time of application. Tuition may be paid annually, quarterly, or in twelve monthly installments. If the monthly installment plan is selected, the first payment is due on June 1 prior to the current school year. The final payment is due on May 1st of that school year. Policies regarding tuition payment are as follows:

  • Tuition must be current on the first day of school in order for a student to be permitted to begin school.
  • A family more than two months delinquent in tuition will be asked to withdraw the child/children unless a written agreement for rectifying the delinquent account is signed by the family and Headmaster. Such agreements must be strictly honored in order for students to remain enrolled.

Facilities Fee

A non-refundable facilities fee is required for enrollment of the first child in a family unit in grades 1-12. Subsequent enrollment of children in the same family unit (living in the same house with at least one common parent or guardian) does not require an additional fee.

The facilities fee may be paid one of the following ways:

  • $1000 paid at acceptance for the first year of attendance, as payment in full. A partial refund is applicable during the first three years, should the family move out of the area a distance greater than thirty miles.
  • $500 paid at acceptance for the first year of attendance as the initial fee and an additional $50 per month for eleven tuition payments.
  • $250 paid at acceptance for the first year of attendance as the initial fee and an additional $10 per month for 144 tuition payments (the twelve year enrollment period for a child who attends 1st through 12th grades). Should the enrollment period of the first child not continue for 144 months, the facilities fee will be added to the regular tuition for subsequently enrolled children until the full obligation has been satisfied.